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memcached-top or a way to see how much your memcachd is full….

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Over the past days I have found that my Amazon Micro account was getting to a load level of 120%, with an uptime of 30+. After some search I found that the problem was in search crawlers (GoogleBot, GoogleImage and BAIDA at the same time) over Magento installation I have there.

So, after some web searches, I derided to install some caching. Minified all CSS/JS and added GZIP compression to Apache but it was not enough, so I added a memcached which was.

But now I had a question of how can I know how many is used of my memcached instance? Maybe I need another one? I have not found any information on the memcached forum but what I did found was a little application called “memcached-top” that is hosted on google code.

This small script creates a display like TOP to the memcachd instances you have (in my case it’s only 1 instance…. but still)

The installation/usage of the application is really simple:

$ curl > ~/bin/memcache-top $ chmod +x ~/bin/memcache-top $ memcache-top --sleep 1 The result looks like that:  memcached-top screen shot 

Written by Alex (Shurf) Frenkel

October 21, 2011 at 5:22 pm

Posted in IDE, memcached